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Twiggy Tags

Twiggy Tags Aurora Adventure Harness

Twiggy Tags Aurora Adventure Harness

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Designed for the outdoors, built for every adventure together. For mountain hikes, for city strolls, for everything in between

Experience the perfect blend of durability and comfort with our hard-wearing yet lightweight multifunctional dog harness. Crafted with a comfortable mesh lining, this weather-proof and dirt-resistant accessory ensures your pet's style is matched only by its resilience. Elevate your pet's outdoor adventures with this stylish, practical, and long-lasting harness, designed for you and your dog

  • Strong grab handle on the back, great for excitable dogs and off lead adventures
  • Three clips so it doesn't have to go over your dog's head, ideal for nervous dogs
  • Reflective trim for road safety and visibility at night
  • Adjustable to ensure a great fit, even on growing puppies and deep chested dogs
  • Breathable mesh lining, with anti-chafe padding
  • Quick release buckles so it's easy to get on and take off

* please note, we have had a small aesthetic change of hardware we are transitioning all the products to. The new hardware is silver, and there is a very slight logo change and buckle change. If you feel this may be of cause of concern, please get in touch BEFORE you place your order

  • Strength Tested to over 170kg
  • Non-Restrictive, Innovative Design
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