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Tacky Fly Dock 2.0

Tacky Fly Dock 2.0

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The perfect addition to any pack, cooler, boat frame, or fly-tying station, the Fly Dock 2.0 offers the improved holding power of Tackysilicone technology and space for up to 15 flies. Store flies of any size on hard surfaces with a durable, recycled polycarbonate component base and the supplied 3M™ Adhesive Strip. The included, adhesive-backed Velcro® strip can also be attached for use on Velcro® pads(adhesive to adhesive).


  • Vises & Fly Tying Stations
  • Boats & Kayaks
  • Raft Frames
  • Dashboards
  • Coolers
  • Drop-Down Fly Benches
  • Tackle Bags
  • Other Hard Surfaces & Velcro Pads
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