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Orvis PRO LT Underwader Trouser

Orvis PRO LT Underwader Trouser

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The answer in warmer temps when a layer is still a critical comfort component between wader and skin, our PRO LT Underwader Trousers is the spring/fall sibling of the burly, winter-ready PRO Underwader Trousers. Lighter weight and designed with an Active fit through the tapered leg, it simply can't bulk up down low. Getting in and out of your gear is quick and easy with trousers faced in an abrasion-resistant fabric that slides inside wader legs and actually feels more like a knit garment. Inside, that light, moisture-wicking fleece layer just feels good, with a stirrup strap on the bottom that keeps the pants from riding up inside your boot. Detailed, next-level foresight, built for today's fishing athletes. In granite. 73% nylon/18% polyester/9% elastane. Washable.

  • Unencumbered, no-bulk athletic fit from a tapered leg
  • Slides in and out of your waders easy from the durable, abrasion-resistant outer facing
  • Warm, but not too warm, with a moisture-wicking light fleece inner
  • Unnecessary bulk on lower leg is eliminated by a lightweight stretch panel on lower hem
  • Wader trousers. Lower leg fabric no longer rides up and binds, given the comfy stirrup straps
  • Your wallet stays put and hands stay warm from a zippered back pocket and two front pockets. Fly fishing clothing
  • Comfy, elastic band with belt loops
  • Durable, water repellent finish

Sizes XS(26-28), S(30-32), M(32-34), L(36-38), XL(40-42), XXL(44-46).

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